Quote The first thing our daughter said to me when I got home from work was, “Daddy, I had the BEST science class ever!” She was brimming with excitement as she recounted all the things she had done in class. We are so grateful she has the opportunity to experience learning science the way it should be learned during the grammar school years.

She loves exploring God’s creation and participating in the purposeful experiences that Mrs. Street has planned. She constantly exclaims when she sees something in nature of interest that, “Mrs. Street would love to see that!” or, “I can’t wait to tell Mrs. Street about this!”

As our daughter is learning the important vocabulary and concepts of scientific study, she is experiencing and acquiring the enthusiasm for The Creator and His Creation that characterizes Mrs. Street.

We are thrilled with her science classes and are so thankful that studying science is such a rich and motivating experience for her.

– S.P.G., Parent

We recommend Mrs. Street’s science classes to our homeschool friends. We are quite pleased with the quality of science education our sons have received. Often, they say how much they like taking biology and chemistry, and they look forward to each class.

Our oldest son quite enjoyed biology and I must say this was due to Mrs. Street’s excitement and enthusiasm for exploring and learning. Our other son always wants to complete his chemistry work before he tackles any other studies. They still comment about labs they did a year ago.

Mrs. Street makes science classes fun, while at the same time, thorough. She is a teacher who is a loving and nurturing role model. We appreciate all she has done.

– J.M., Parent

Norma really loves science, kids, and teaching! – J.P., Parent

Norma is very kind and gracious to students. They know she cares about them. – K.S., Parent

Norma really teaches the children in very practical, interesting ways. – S.P., Parent

The equipment and materials used are very helpful to learning. – M.M., Parent


QuoteSmall class size allows for one-on-one attention and gives time for exploration and in depth study. Mrs. Street is very familiar with the material and is willing to help with additional research when necessary. She teaches on a more personal level than most teachers I’ve had, and is willing to spend extra time to help me. – L.B., Student

It’s fun, exciting, and hands-on! – M.M., Student

I love the prayer request cards. – K.S., Student

Questions are encouraged. Mrs. Street gets involved with the class, explains things, and can always help you if you need it. The MicroChem kits are excellent. – B.M., Student

There are a lot of hands-on things which I love. Mrs. Street helps us understand the lesson clearly. I love it! – S.M., Student